The Proposal

Gazebo in Central Park

December 18, 2008

Lee and Ashleigh took a short trip to NYC in December of 2008 when she was in the process of applying to graduate schools. She had finished one interview and they had a little bit of time before the next one so they decided to get some lunch. Before going into the restaurant, Lee asked Ashleigh if she wanted to walk a little bit in Central Park first. Ashleigh loves this time of year and it was so beautiful walking through the snow covered hills of Central Park. They stopped inside a cute little Gazebo and Lee asked Ashleigh to marry him! She somehow managed to make it through the next interview even though she was so excited πŸ™‚

December 18, 2009


Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center



Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center



Ashleigh had always wanted to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center, so Lee and Ashleigh made plans to do it to celebrate the one year anniversary of their engagement. After skating around the rink a few times, Lee stopped Ashleigh in front of the huge Christmas Tree and proposed to her again with a new engagement ring, deciding they would use the original one as the wedding band. It made this special time of year even more special πŸ™‚


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